Return with a Surprise!

Yes, I have once more, returned to my favorite people in the world (aside from the Kids and the Hubs... of course).

I do not return to my beauties empty-handed. I do not have the third book in the Fast and Loud series done... yet. I do have a title, release date, and a cover...

However, there is a little something I want to tell you first.

In the very near future, I will be pulling away from social media.

This site is a lot of work. I've come to realize that while working on sites for clients, and not having the time to do my own. I also pay for it, and rarely update it.

In the next few months I will be rebuilding my site behind the scenes. You won't see a change at all, and I will continue to post to my blog. My newsletter will be for sales, and giveaways... the fun stuff. My blog will be used for cover reveals and other news.

When it's all done, this will be the place to get my information first hand. I'll maintain social media for announcements, and personal use but everything S.L. Perrine will be found at :)

I am also interested in hearing from you! Is there something you would love me to write? An element I am missing in my books or my website? Let me know.

~ Happy Reading,


Rodeo's Trojan

Fast and Loud, #3

Release Date: November 28, 2020

and the cover....

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