New M/M Romance

Ryan's Hubris

(Fast and Loud Book II)

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Quick Teaser:

"The attraction I have for him is venom in my veins. Before Ryan, I was cold. A block of ice so cold I froze others when they came in contact. But one scorching look from those beautiful emerald eyes and poison consumed me... burning me to ash from the inside."


Suffering from a break-up in college, Ryan Nelson devoted himself to Connor Reed’s vision for his bike shop, Fast and Loud Custom Bikes. Becoming a workaholic left him with no time to date, which meant Ryan was left to live his life without the constant worry of the impending doom a relationship could bring...or was he?

Office flings, while not ideal, work well for a quick hookup. That is until Ryan walks into the Daytona Hospital and sets eyes and lips on his boss's best friend.

Roberto Puro swore years ago that he would never form an attachment to anyone. The loss he endured almost killed him, and he promised himself and his family he would never enter that dark place again.

Tempers rise when Rob moves to New York for a position to work alongside Ryan. The two men clash, trying to overcome their fears of the past, and neither want to accept defeat.

But will Ryan accept that fear is not his only weakness?

Fast and Loud Book I - Connor's Achilles

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