Is it just me?

The hopeful return of 'Is it just me?'

With health concerns and life in general I have managed to neglect all aspects of my writing career. This is me setting a firm schedule for working on client work, and my own work.

Now, on with the show...

Is it just me, or has common curtsy fallen out the damn window, rolled down an embankment, drowned in the river , popped back out landing on the highway to get flattened by a semi? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Why is it, that person's who work in a customer service position have no tolerance for a customer service position? I'm a little tired of getting attitude because I'm ordering a damn coffee. Like what the fuck?! You chose your profession, not me. Now smile, bitch and make my pumpkin swirl.

Just last week my husband and I went through the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru. We ordered our usual, a large pumpkin with cream only, and an XL-hot cocoa. When the girl at the window handed him two large coffees he refused the second one, and asked her to correct it. She got so nasty, sucked her teeth and said, "Well, I ain't the one who made it, so I don't know what to tell you."

Of course, my husband is as direct as I am... okay, maybe worse. He took one look at the girl and said, "I know what to tell you, go make me my freaking hot chocolate. It's not like this is Starbucks. I didn't order a half calf latte with skim milk and foam. Flip a switch fill.., the cup, and put it in my hand."

I needed a good laugh.

OR you call customer service at your insurance agency and all you get is a cocky attitude because you have an issue. Well isn't that what they are there for.

What happened to being kind to your neighbor, and teaching our children to be nice, say please and thank you and not scream bloody murder in the middle of a grocery store. People, if you yell at the kid, the kid cries harder. But the kid is no longer crying about whatever the initial problem is. Oh, no. They have forgotten it all together. Now the kid is crying because you yelled.

Pay attention when you cross the street. If I have the green arrow, that means the crosswalk sign is telling your ass to stay put. You know what that is? The orange hand that mean halt. YES, that does mean you have to stop walking, even if there is a crosswalk. So if you are crossing and someone is flipping you off and honking the horn at you, it means hurry the fuck up, since your too good to wait like the rest of the crowd of twenty people.

Think about these things when you find yourself out and about, or if you're that cranky customer service person. I'm sorry, but if you don't enjoy your job and the people who you have to speak to on a daily, then please for the love of Pete switch jobs, and don't do customer service again. That's a good way to end up with high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Because most people eat their stress.

That's all I have this time. Check back later this week to see if I've posted another.

~Happy Reading!

P.S. I've been getting this message too much. That's why I've been staying away from social media a bit. Except for the few posts I do share.

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