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Here we are again. Another release just one month after the last one. But, this is what I love to do. Write. Create worlds, and people. A alternate reality for me to slip into when I need to 'get away.' So to speak.

I stopped doing release parties because it didn't seem anyone was joining in, but I feel it's unfair not to have those special goodies that come with being a loyal reader. With that said, keep an eye out on my website for giveaways and other swag.

For now I'd like to show you the next book in The Beast Within Series. I know the first two had some mixed reviews, but given that I have grown as a writer since the first book was written in 2014, hope that this third instalment is met with better results.

Maga's a Beast

The Beast Within, #3 - Pre-order Releases April, 13th Nothing is as it seems... #fairytales #fantasy #YoungAdult #ExperienceBWP Burning Willow Press - Publisher

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Renee is still battling with her emotions for Ty when they reach Hearthstone Palace. She is met by her father—who has a much clearer picture of things—Falling into his arms she lets all the anger she was harboring release. Once they say goodbye to her mother; however, the King’s stability is questioned, leaving Renee to deal with the daily business of caring for a dying kingdom. An unlikely source has more clues for her regarding the curse, but those clues, like all the rest, come with a price; she must marry Ty to seal the prophecy. With the new King and Queen in place, they travel the realms to find more answers but only find that the state of Pylira is a perilous one. Nothing is as it seems, and it will be up to them to make sense of it all.

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