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🤩New Release🤩 Collision of Fate

(The Crawford Witch Chronicles, #3)

Elyse must travel to the home of Seraphina Crawford to align her powers and find the missing ingredient to help her against Sabina. When Elyse arrives at the property used by Seraphina in the late 1800s, it looks as if it has been abandoned for a century...that is until they see the golden underbelly of a dragon in the sky. Elyse and her coven are united with another House, The Raven's Watch, which proves to be almost too much for her to bear. The reality that Elyse is responsible for all the witches becomes a realization when she is forced to make tough decisions to gain respect from those that look down at her.

Raven Delaney has spent more than a year at the Compound with her coven, preparing for the return of the High Priestess. When Elyse arrives, Raven sees nothing more than a novice witch who wants nothing to do with being the High Priestess. However, when Elyse chooses the man Raven despises the most to use as an example in front of all the covens, Raven finds she may have a new ally.

This book goes along with the prequel, The Fate's Seal, the third book of The Blood Rites Trilogy. #strongwomen #fantasy #witches #Amazon #KindleUnlimited


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