2019 Release Schedule

I realize I have been MIA as far as blogs and news letter's go, but I have been super busy. I will try to be more proactive when it comes to my site, but you guys probably know it won't increase much. Besides...who likes all those annoying newsletters anyway? Not me. I don't read but half of them. I glance. lol

So, how about you take a glance at next year's release schedule, and you can see why I have been super busy...lol

Release Dates...

- The Crawford Witch Chronicles: Collision of Fate, #3 (February 16) Available for pre-order now.

- Another Beautiful Nightmare (February) Available for pre-order now

- Dirty Little Secret: Ravana Moon, #3 (March)

- The Beast Within: Maga's a Beast, #3 (April)

- Alara's Curse: Of Kings and Queens, #1 (June)

- Title TBD: The Himalayan Files, #2 (July)

- Truth or Dare: Ravana Moon, #4 (September)

-Mists of Fury: Skylar Ryan, #1 (September)

Missing a SL Perrine book in your collection? The holiday season is here, which means sales, sales, and my first ever....freebie. Yes, I said free. I will be offering one of my books for free this Christmas. Something I don't often do, because I don't believe $.99 is too much to ask for all my hard work.

As many of you know I am homebound and doing all this full-time, and as my main source of income these freebies will come just once a year at Christmas time to say Thank you, for all the support, and Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.

Did you see the new cover for Collision of Fate, yet? Well, here it is. Be sure to check out my books page for all the books.

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