The Fate's Seal- Cover Revealed

The Fate's Seal (Blood Rites, #3)


S.L. Perrine

When Witches Go Bad, They Go Very Bad

Raven Delaney is driven by the knowledge that Sabina Crawford is somehow responsible for her mother's death. In order to come to terms with it, she needs to know the truth. Going behind enemy lines and befriending the murderous witch will weigh heavy on her, making her rely on her closest friend, Finnen Kavanaugh to pull her back from the brink of darkness. Finnen has spent his whole life being pushed down by the iron fist of his father, a shifter who can no longer use his powers. Finnen's only goal in life is to succeed at becoming a rare form of shifter, a Mythic able to shift into whatever animal he can think up. Little does he know, he's not alone.

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