The Hunter's Curse

The Hunter's Curse to be published on it's own.

The Hunter's Curse was a short story I did for the anthology Damsels in Distress (which it will remain in). It has been released for about a year now, and this short story is the first in a series of four shorts for my Ravana Moon series. The second being Iron Maiden.

Recently Iron Maiden's cover was changed. Some may be asking why, and some may not care. Well, to be honest I had done a series of covers for the entire set, but felt bad that the cover designer with my publisher had worked the cover. Probably having forgot about me telling her I would rather use the set. So, I used her creation. It's a wonderful cover, but now that The Hunter's Curse will be released on it's own on July 10th, I wanted the set of covers to be cohesive.

With that being said, I am working on the next in the series. Here are the covers for you to take a look at.

Keep and eye out for the third installment. Coming Soon!

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