Summer Blues

"When you can't get out of your skin, get out of your mind."

~S.L. Perrine

I have my banana every morning with a cup of coffee. I take my prescribed medications for various ailments. Then I go for a walk, because I live at camp at this point so, why not?! Then, I sit in amusement at facebook and revel in how annoying it's become. I get a little notice on all my posts: reached or viewed, by 348. How many like? 3. That is so discouraging. I rarely get likes, or comments. When I do it's from those who interact with me on a regular. I have a review team who hardly posts reviews. I'm at that part of my depression phase right now that's telling me, 'no you should just stop now.'

Another part of me, the more prominent part, is telling me there are hundreds of people interested in what happens next in all my series. And...if nobody is reading them now, they will read them later. So, I keep writing.

Though, lately my writing has been me scrolling on facebook. Today I have the A/C on. I don't typically like it, but we are in a camper. It's a bit of a sweat locker when it gets in the 90's. However, I know my body is going to hurt like hell by mid-day. If I were alone I'd kill it. I'd go take my laptop and sit by the pool.

I had a release this past Saturday. Didn't know did you? I haven't been doing release parties as much because nobody shows up to them. I went all out,for my first Ravana release. It was a fun time though, I decided not to do another for a while. I may do another party for my release in July for Tundra Witch.

Speaking of Tundra Witch, I was also writing this to show you guys the cover. It is posted on Goodreads if you'd like to add it to your long TBR's.

#TundraWitch #CoverReveal #18

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