Sneak Peek from Tundra Witch

Tundra Witch

Chad Dennis & S.L. Perrine

This sneak peek is not intended for audiences under 18.

Explicit and sexual content included.

Chapter 10

The truck pulls up to the house, and Anthony looks at Gianna. “Would you like me to walk you to the door?”

“You can pull around back. Your entrance is closer to my room anyway. Then you may walk me to the door.” She smiled and tilted her head to the side.

Light from the front of the house and the soft glow of the dashboard lights illuminated his face. She noticed how much he’d been working to better himself. She’d felt the tight muscles of his chest when he held her against him at the pub, and the memory made a shiver race the length of her body and ignited her core. She hadn’t had a man hold her like that since the beginning of her relationship with Giovanni. Even then, the contact between them seemed forced. She’d always thought she was the cause of it and asked herself the same questions over again when they continued to grow farther apart; hadn’t she been pretty, thin, well mannered, and groomed enough to his liking? Turned out she was just born the wrong gender. There would never be anything she could do to fix her marriage, but at least she knew why; most women never received that piece of mind.

She tried not to think of Anthony’s arms around her as he pulled the SUV to the back of the property. They were strong. Much stronger than she ever gave him credit for. One could attribute that to rigorous workouts, or just how he’d always been. She would never know for sure. She just knew she enjoyed the feeling of their bodies pressed together. The beating of his pulse against her as they moved as one. That was an intimacy she could say she’d never experienced with anyone. Ever.

The vehicle stopped in front of the rear entrance to the manor, and Gianna looked up to see Nico moving around in the garage.

“How is it he always seems to be where he’s needed?” Anthony asked.

“Nico is an insomniac. He rarely sleeps, so he stays up until every member of the household is safely inside for the night. We have all the vehicles fitted with a sensor. When we enter the driveway, he gets a notification.”

“Ah, and here I thought you hired government cronies.”

“Like CIA operatives? No. He’s better.”

When Nico attempted to move to the car Anthony held up his hand and jumped out before Nico could touch Gianna’s handle. He walked around the car and opened the door with a mock bow, but Gianna didn’t find it mocking. She found it endearing for some strange reason.

Hopping from the truck, she offered him her hand. Anthony took it and tucked it under his arm and shut the door.

“The least the help around here can do is let me walk a pretty girl to her door,” he snickered at Nico and led Gianna to the door that would put them in the hallway near his apartment under Gianna’s wing of the house.

Gianna felt the rush from all the alcohol she’d consumed and wondered how Anthony managed to drive them back safely. Before she could ask Anthony whisked her inside and unexpectedly pushed her against the wall. She thought for a moment that he was going to stake a claim to her, take her right there in the hall; but he had merely tripped on the threshold and held himself upright the only way he could.

His stare bore into her. His arms surrounded her, leaning against the wall. The door to the patio still hung open, and a breeze blew her hair in front of her face, breaking the spell.

“Are you okay?” she asked him as he pushed back away from the wall.

“Yeah, I’ll live, but somebody should put a warning sign on that step,” he laughed, but it only made the moment more awkward. “Well, I’ve walked you to the door, and almost flattened you. I think that fulfills the end of date obligations.”


“I…um, well.”

“It’s ok.” Gianna blushed and smoothed her shirt. Another nervous tick she’d acquired being married to a hard man. Something to busy her hands while masking the way her body shook. “Good night, Jax.”

He turned to leave, and for some reason, she couldn’t let him walk away. “At the bar,” she started as he opened his door.


“You…did you mean what you said? You never got to tell me.”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“On whether you’re asking as Gia or Gianna?”

“What? That’s a strange question. How can I be one or the other?”

“Well, I’ve noticed Gia is more alive than Gianna. She likes to joke, smile, and blush. Gianna would much rather go over itineraries and orders. She’s cold and brooding. On occasion, she can be a royal bitch.”

Her head snapped up, but she realized he’d said bitch when she understandably thought she heard something else. He must have taken her movements to mean she was angry with his accusation, so she smiled and clasped her hands together.

“It’s really that bad, isn’t it?”


“The mask I’ve given myself. It allows me to be who I must to survive in this house.”


“I’m sorry.”

Before she could move to the stairs, he was in front of her again. His hands cupping her face bringing her eyes upward to meet his. “I meant yes, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” His thumbs trailed down her cheeks, and she realized he was wiping away the tears that had mysteriously snuck out of her eyes.

How could he think such a thing when she was such a mess? A hard, cold woman who keeps everyone, except her daughter, at arm’s length or farther.

“Yes, he can.”

“Can what?”

“Yes. He can and has kept his hands off me for many years. Almost all of them.”

“Well, no wonder you cry when held,” he smoothed his thumb over her cheeks again, but this time it wasn’t because of tears. When his hands moved to the back of her head, he eased her forward as their mouths met. Soft, velvet lips touched hers. It wasn’t hard and needy as it had been the first time. This was comforting, loving, and welcomed.

When he pulled back and looked at her, he seemed to be searching her eyes for any hint of reluctance. She made sure she gave none.

“Would you like to join me for a drink, Gia?”

“Yes,” the word escaped her mouth in a whisper. She knew what she agreed to. She knew once she walked into his apartment that she would be his. She would allow Anthony this night to command her and her body to an ocean of pleasure.

Anthony laced his fingers with hers and pushed his door open. He sauntered backward keeping their eyes locked together while not pulling her. He waited until she moved forward on her own, and when she did, she didn’t hesitate. Before she knew it, the door closed behind them, and he held her against it. His hand raking against her thigh as she raised it to wrap around him. Their mouths in a frenzy to conquer; one against the other. Her nails dug into his shoulders and pulled at the fabric that covered them.

Anthony scooped her up, her legs wrapped around his waist of their own volition, his hands holding her ass as he carried her to his room. He kicked the door wide and pulled their mouths apart to gaze into her eyes as he laid her on his bed. Her hair tumbled around her, spilling out like the darkest night invading a summer sky. His hands moved up her sides taking the hem of her shirt with them. Once it was over her head, and her breasts exposed in her white lace, strapless bra, she felt exposed to the whole world but safer than she ever had at the same time.

She sat up and bunched his shirt in her hand pulling him down on top of her. His mouth claimed hers once again, and her hands went to work pulling his shirt up his back, breaking the contact only long enough to pull him free of it. She felt his hands at her waist; the button of her jeans popping open and then the heat of his hands moved up the bare flesh of her sides. He took her left breasts in his hand and applied just the right amount of pressure, making equal part pleasure and pain tear through her quaking body. She moaned between their mouths and arched her back in response, begging him for more.

Just when she thinks he’s going to make her squirm again, he moves away from her. She lazily watches as he removes his pants and leans over to slide hers from her body. He hooks a finger under the edge of her panties and playfully rubs between fabric and flesh.

“If you make me beg, you will regret it.” She manages a stern whisper between gasps.

“Oh, Gianna has come to play,” a smile lifts the corner of his lips, and she takes his meaning.

“Yes, and bad boys will get punished accordingly.”

“How is my behavior so far?”

“Adequate but could be improved upon.”

“I think it’s time we move away from that word.” He kneels between her legs and slides his hand further down the front of her pushing white lace along with his hand. His fingers find her mound and stop. “Any new words come to mind?”

“Several. Though for the life of me, I can’t voice them.” Her back arched pushing her firm breasts into the air, begging for his caress.

“Good.” Anthony pulls at the fabric covering her sex, breaking the seams and tossing it on the carpet. Gianna cries out, startled but extremely fascinated. “Let’s see if we can soften a little more of that exterior, shall we?”

“Oh, goodness Jax, enough talk.” Her pelvis lifts as his fingers trail further to her sex, and she digs her hands into the bedspread, her arms reaching out for nothing.

“But we already know we’re so good at it.”

“Please,” she whispers breathlessly.

His fingers moved around the edge of her soft lips, increasing her arousal. Warmth and moisture amplified inside her with each passing moment. He had successfully gotten her to a point she could never attain on her own, and he hadn’t really touched her yet. He was driving her wild. His fingers moved finding the hard nub. He massaged it, and her hips moved with every turn of him against her.

“Ah, there she is. Soft and malleable.” He moved his finger to her core coating his fingers in her warmth and wetness, then slid his fingers back to her clit.

Her hips moved up, her legs spread wider than she’d ever thought she could get them and her head moved side to side under his ministrations. Just when she was on the brink he stopped and adjusted himself, so he was between her legs, hands on her hips and his fingers digging into her firm ass. ‘All those hours working out, are finally going to pay off,’ she thought silently to herself.

One hand slid up to press down on her flat stomach, the other held firm against her lower back. The heat of his breath replaced where his fingers had been. Not realizing what he meant to do until the last second when she looked up and saw his face lower toward her.

She gasped, “Oh, fuck.” Her body moved against his tongue as it dipped and slid over her folds. She felt swollen and didn’t know how much more she could take before she had to beg again for him to take her. She wanted to feel the length of him inside of her.

Gianna’s head throbbed with each new orgasm. One after another taking her over the edge, until she had to pull herself from his grasp. She jerked her body toward the headboard, and he looked up at her with a smirk.

“I wasn’t done, naughty girl.”

“That’s nice. It’s my turn, turn over.” She managed to get on her knees and make him flip to his back right where he was; legs dangling over the side of the bed, his feet resting on the wooden rails.

Gianna moved to the floor. Standing was difficult in her state of intense release. Each leg threatened to give out from under her. Her body was almost too relaxed. She leaned in against the bed and took Anthony in her hand. The fullness of his cock made her shudder. She’d never done what she was suddenly anxious to do. She cupped his balls in one hand while she began stroking him with the other. After a few movements, the tip started to moisten. Anthony let out a groan, which gave her the courage to lick the tip with her tongue before taking the head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his helmet. She moved quickly, then slowed, repeating her movements and savoring how Anthony moved with her. Then without warning, she let his cock glide to the back of her throat. It hit so hard she thought it would cause some reflex, but nothing happened. She added a slight graze of her teeth, and Anthony’s knees bounced up.

He tugged on her hair, and she moved her eyes up to look at him. He was pleading with her; his turn to beg as her movements slowed and quickened. Making Gianna release him, Anthony pulled her up toward him. His cock pushed into her abdomen as his body flexed. She rubbed her hands over his chest and abs, noting his dad body was disappearing just as she thought.

“Do you have…”

“Shit!” His head fell back against the bed, and he lay staring up at the ceiling. “Sorry. I wasn’t exactly planning to seduce a married woman.”

“Who said you did the seducing?”

“Indeed.” He didn’t agree nor disagree but still looked pained.

“There are other ways to satisfy our needs.”

“None that I can think of will be as good.”

“Hold on.” She moved to the nightstand. Knowing the promiscuous nature of the last nanny, she hoped there would still be some in her drawers. Luckily for them, there was one. She turned around, Anthony still lay in the same position as if he were unwilling to move. When she produced the small foil package, he let his head fall back again.

Gianna ripped open the condom, pinched the tip and placed it over his cock. It had softened slightly, but with the presence of her hand, it began to stiffen once more. Rolling down the shaft with the rubber, she massaged; moving her finger and thumb around it as she dressed him.

“Come here.”

He sat up, grabbed her by the waist, and hoisted her up on his lap, so she was straddling him. His sheathed cock in between them pressing against her core. His mouth found hers again, and his finger delved into her wet pussy. He must have been satisfied because he’d grabbed her waist again and positioned her over him, looking into her eyes more than likely looking for restraint. She gave none and lowered herself. He filled her, small thrusts at a time until he had the entire length of him inside her.

Gianna pushed Anthony back to lay on the bed and grabbed his hands. She meant to keep them pinned over his head, and she drove her hips into him with such ferocity she felt it could not have been her at all. He lifted his arms, keeping his elbows resting on the bed to hold her weight. She used the anchor of their clasped hands to drive herself into him with every thrust.

“Fuck. Me!” Gianna sang out and instantly wanted to take it back realizing he'd take control from her.

Anthony sat up and wrapped an arm around her waist and laid her down. He stood next to the bed, her legs wrapped around his waist and she drove him into herself, harder and with more force. She screamed his name, “Jax!”

“No. Not now, I’m not.”

“Anthony! Don’t... stop…” She dug her nails into his forearms. “Damn it.”

Sweat beaded on their bodies before Anthony dug into her hip with his fingers and exclaimed, “I’m gonna cum.”

“Bring it, meat stick.”

“Shut it, frost queen.”

His knees buckled and hit the bed. Gianna’s breasts, never released from the laced fabric, bounced as he drove into her. With one last thrust and something akin to a growl, Anthony reached his climax. His hands moved up her sides, nails raking her skin. Gianna’s toes curled, her legs tightened around his waist, and after a few small thrusts Anthony laid down on top of her body.

“You try to claim sexual harassment, and I’ll eat you alive.” He said.

“You can eat me regardless.”

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