The Darker Side of Me, Release Party

The Darker Side of Me A Ravana Moon Novel

Release: March 22, 2018

Party date: March 23, 2018

Release event for my first Paranormal Romance. This party is 18+

A hunter. That is what I am. I am neither alive nor dead. I cannot age. I cannot bleed for very long. I can die by another of my kind, but why would I allow such a thing? Bred to hunt things that walk amongst the humans. Things that terrify and annihilate the most fragile beings in the world. Why? I could not tell you. I only know that is how it must be. More so, because my human-self was killed, but when I woke, this is what I was. Ravana Moon spends her existence searching for her sire, called the Ancient One. What she finds is an unsuspecting vampire completely enthralled. Her repulsion of him only makes him want her more. When they have no choice but to team up to find their creator, they find they have more enemies to uncover. This book is graphic in nature and contains homosexual content. It is book one in the Ravana Moon series. There will be giveaways posted leading up to the party, be sure to RSVP. Author take over event. All times are EST. and are for 30 min. 6:00 - Piper Kay 6:30 - Natalie-Nicole Bates 7:00 - P Mattern 7:30 - Kindra Sowder 8:00 - T.a. Moorman 8:30 - Rae B. Lake 9:00 - Lily Luchesi, Author 9:30 - TL Travis 10:00 - Raechel Lynn - Author Page 10:30 - S.L. PERRINE

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