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Turning the Stone

(Blood Rites, Book II)

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Ashes. Ashes. They All Fall Down

Blood Rites Trilogy: Books I & II

Get in touch with your inner villain

Book I: http://smarturl.it/BloodRites

Book II: http://smarturl.it/turningstone

“Superbly creepy, with just the right amount of gore.”

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Witch Scorned.

Blood Rites (Blood Rites Trilogy Book I)

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Seraphina locked her eyes with Magnus as the sheriff grabbed him by his arm and cuffed his wrists together. When he began to fight against the man, he clasped his hand around Magnus’ throat and Seraphina bowed her head at Magnus…inviting him in.

“I can take care of this situation Magnus, you know I can.” She pleaded with him.

“I know Sera, but they’ll kill you.”

“These humans can not kill me,” she yelled at him. Even then the power she evoked was heard within her words.

“I’m not talking about the human.” He warned her.

“The Council needs to be taught a new lesson. Brother, let’s take this moment to change our world.”

He just looked at her; the sheriff shook him by the throat as he yelled at the onlookers who had gathered around them all.

“Please brother. I can’t let them kill you!” Her voice echoed inside his mind.

He considered her words and closed his eyes in agreement. She had asked his permission to take on the world, and he had given it to her.


Love Cares Little for Names and War


Turning the Stone

(The Blood Rites Trilogy: Book II)

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n 1868, Seraphina Crawford created a safe world for witches to grow and live without fear. Her immortal magic was transferred into a ring, so that she may grow older and wiser to become the matriarch of a long line of High Priestesses. Though in her early twenties, she took the power back, living an unnaturally long life until she’d given it up for good. However, the next in line for her powers would not be able to access the magic within the ring. There was a failsafe. Only when the right Crawford witch was in need of it, the ring would open.

The year is now 1996. Gwendolyn Crawford is preparing to take the powers of her family. To become the high priestess of the coven of The Silver Shadows. She was eager to help the covens heal the rift between them. Little did she know the way to heal such a rift was to right the wrongs of her ancestor and risk her heart and her life.

Silas Sigmis Jr., the high priest of The Black Willow was only following orders given to him by his father. He hadn’t thought of what the consequences of his actions would be until he came face to face with the Crawford girl. Her long raven hair and sapphire eyes caught him off guard as much as her power.

Two people who should have been at odds with each other will soon find they are each other’s only allies. Even amongst their own families.


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