New Year, New Genre

December 20, 2107

I was going to take time off, but instead, I have started a short story to submit to an anthology in the new year.

Over the summer I had a conversation with an author friend. I told her about my idea to switch genres and how I didn't think I could because I was afraid to upset my family and lose readers. She explained to me that it was my happiness that will make or break my books. Then she spent a week encouraging me to move forward with the switch from YA to Paranormal Romance, and ultimately M/M Romance.

I have come to terms with the fact that if I'm not passionate about what I'm writing, that I won't succeed.

With that being said, I have already started the transition. The Darker Side of Me is paranormal romance for 18+, and has F/M, F/F, M/M content. The new short story I am writing is M/M centering around Nunzio and Jeffer y. Two non-key characters in the first Ravana Moon book, The Darker Side of Me. They will be seen more in the second book. Until then, they will be given a short story in the anthology and I am going to continue with them in a series of novellas.

I will finish the current YA series I have started, and all new projects will be either New Adult or 18+. This is my official step outside of the YA sandbox. I hope all of my readers will stick around for the continuation of the current series. I also look forward to seeing how you like the new ones.

Happy reading ~

Left: Nunzio

seventy-five year old vampire

right: Jefferey

unsuspecting human, but not for long.

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