Irrational Musings of an Author

Irrational, you ask? Yes, they very might be irrational...this time.

I woke at 7:30 this morning, as my husband prepared to leave for work, on his day off. (I know I said musings, I'm getting there). I can vent about him working on his day off, because he never reads this.

So, while I wandered out of my room, tried to figure out if I had coffee in the house to ply myself with for a day of work at my computer, on my day off, I wondered...

I wondered how much urine a person could hold in their bladder before it explodes. I mean I'm a medical assistant. I went to school for this. I know 200cc is the expected amount you should be able to get to, before your body tells you that you need to go. I also know it's possible to hold upto (don't do it, it hurts) 1500cc if need be.

Yeah, not the topic I expected to think of this morning either. Let's face it, the first thing we do each morning is use the restroom. Then we continue to fill the bladder throughout the day and push it to its limits because we are Too busy.

Ok, so why did my brain go that way, you ask? Well, simply put, I wanted coffee and needed to pee. I couldn't decide which to do

That got me thinking about a man, who at this point is hypothetical, may have held his bladder for far too long, and it ruptured. I'm guessing he will be a prisoner, maybe spelled to do so by magic. I mean, even if one was afraid of going on himself, could you really hold it?

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure your body would make you go. All down your expensive tailored suit (the man, not you).

It's amazing what our minds turn to as justified thoughts once we claim to be an artist. It's acceptable then, right? Of course, we don't just claim, we are. So if a non-writer were to say to you... I wonder what it would look like if a man's head were to blow up. Would there be chunks, or just a mixture of goo? Would it smell like blood more, or brain matter?

Would you think that person is a little off? I sure as hell would. Wow, you sick bastard. Who thinks like that?

It is amazing we are not all sitting with our laptops in a Federal hospital.

So, as you can tell I had absolutely no reason to write a post this morning. Other than to say, Hey, and let everyone know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I am in fact working on my day off. All weekend actually.

Enjoy your day, and hurts, don't hold it.

~Happy Reading :)

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