Insta-what? Free eBook!

I've seen a lot of authors utilize the instafreebie site. You get a free book download, for signing up for a newsletter. So I thought instead of going through another site for that, I could do the same thing right here, only I'm going to sweeten the pot.

For anyone who subscribes to my newsletter: Receive a free ebook copy of Blood Rites.

For those who recruit new subscribers: You also receive a copy of Blood Rites.

Starting in September I will be doing a monthly giveaway. Anyone who is a subscriber of my newsletter will automatically be entered to win. The giveaway will include one of my paperbacks, as well as anything I have on my shelf that I would like to share. some of the books are gently used, and some brand new.

So share the link to my site, and win. Be a subscriber and win often. Monthly drawings will be held on the fourth Sunday of every month.

Happy Reading!!

Copy and paste your shared link to the bottom of this post so I can issue the ebooks for sharing. All others, once I receive notice you've subscribed I will email the ebook. All ebooks will be provided in .mobi format.

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