It Hit Me Like A Brick

This story is so complex, and I think I've nailed the head of every plot twist I have by linking one series with the other. Soooooo, many questions will be answered.

Seriously, I woke up this morning and it all just fit. I know the how, the why and the what for, of it all.

For those that don't know, Blood Rites is the prequel to The Crawford Witch Chronicles.

I have been working on book two of the Blood Rites Trilogy and had previously started book three in The Crawford Witch Chronicles. The first book Immortal Slumber is complete. I won't change anything in it, but thanks to the fact that the release of book two has been held off, I can now add in all this extra goodness.

I'm not sure if my mind did this on purpose, giving me the future tale and then the former, or if it came to me in a dream. I do know that while the adventurous mind who enjoys a good YA book will love The Crawford Witch Chronicles, they are bound to love the NA Blood Rites Trilogy as well.

Here's hoping!

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