The Show Must Go on!

To say it's been a crazy couple of weeks is an understatement at best.

On the 4th of the month, my husband, affectionately known to you all as The Husband, had surgery on his right shoulder. This has rendered him a large 260lb baby. On top of that, he is also know longer smoking since two days prior to surgery, which has made him a raging asshole. Yes, I just said that. Why? Well, cause he knows it's true and its my blog. I get to say what I want. :P

During The Husband's 1 week post-op he made a comment about how if he were allowed to drive he'd stay close to home, then whined when the doctor said no. Needless to say, when we arrived to my office I was called with information regarding his vehicle that had been parked in front of our house for the entire week.

Some crazy person decided to run a stop sign, hit a pick-up truck and push it into The Husband's van. Of course, its been deemed a total loss. Thank goodness for gap insurance. Don't question it, just always say YES to gap insurance. It covers the difference between what you owe to a lean holder and the worth of your vehicle. Considering I'm now NOT responsible for the 3K difference is great. The fact that I now have to come up with a down payment for him to get a new vehicle, not so much.

Did I mention he can't drive? Or, that he out of work for six weeks? Yeah, that down payment isn't going to materialize any time soon.

The holiday weekend, that we don't normally celebrate, was fun. We went to my nieces wedding Saturday. A three hour drive, two hours there, and three hours back. Spent the night at my parents house, and attended Easter brunch at the restaurant at the race track. Too bad there wasn't a race going on.

After a quick trip to the book warehouse, the massive book store where all books are $1, we returned home to a very quiet house. As long as you don't count the blaring music from upstairs, because its almost a daily occurrence so we don't count it. However, my children were with their father, so it was quieter than normal.

Even with all of this going on, I have been able to write words...yay!! I've been thinking about how disappointing everyone will be if I don't get these tittles finished.

Turning the Stone is at 26K right now. It is book two in The Blood Rites Trilogy. Book one will release with CHBB on August 19, 2017. It'll be here before you know it.

I'm trying to maintain my YouTub channel, and promote my books as much as possible. I appreciate all the support you guys have given me over the last two years. It's so hard to think its only been two, but I do look forward to what the next five years have in store. By then I should be on to knew projects. Here's to the future!

Happy Reading~

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