Write's Block?

With just two weeks to go now till the release of The Beast Within, my mind is having a hard time settling into another story. I'm anxious for the release, and to see how everyone will react to it once its out. Obviously there wont be an over abundance of reviews the first day, or even in the first week. Most people buying books do so, and then they sit on their TBR list for quite some time.

Yet still, I have been sitting around this last month pouring my time into reading and working on my new favorite hobby, my bullet journal. That in itself tells me on a daily basis to write, and no words are typed out.

I finally sat down two nights ago and wrote a few paragraphs. Then put the laptop away after realizing I was going about it all wrong. I need an outline first. Once I outlined the first...okay, the second chapter that I was in the middle of, I set to work on it yesterday and managed to get 2.5k words into the MS. I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Can I keep it up? I often wonder if I will run out of original ideas. Going to school to learn to write better, and wanting to write a hundred books, doesn't mean I'll have those ideas to put into a hundred books. I sometime wonder if J.K. Rowling made The Harry Potter Series so long, because she couldn't think of anything else to do. What if Harry is the last memorable character she ever writes? Would that make her a failure? Would she keep trying? Would I?

I think spending so much time with one set of characters might get a bit daunting after a spell. I look at other authors, whom I know personally, like Kindra Sowder, who has her mind working several characters a day. Yes, as in more than one project. I think the last time I checked, she had been working on as many as five in one day.

I don't think I could work that way. I can barely concentrate on one set of characters without mixing them up, but eventually you get sucked into the world and there really is no way to mix them up.

Then I think of authors I aspire to be. Like Sarah J Maas. She's working on at least two series right now. I don't know if she works on them each during the same day, but the impression is she finishes one MS from one series then moves to the other. That's how I've been maintaining my projects, and it was working.

Now, I have so many characters and at present five series in the works. Two with publishers, one in talks with a publisher and one sent to a publisher (awaiting the rejection letter for submitting without the last 2 pages). Then the new one I just started.

So how do I know that one of these stories won't be my last? I often sit and wonder about that, and you know what happens? I get another idea that needs to be worked on. I think maybe I'm finally at the point where I need to stop asking that question, before I have so much going on that its too much.

I guess my answer to my question is, yes I'd be okay with one memorable character. I also think writer's block is simply my way of not sabotaging myself. I say that because, the moment I think I may be afflicted, I find something new to run with. So, guess its all in my head!

~Happy Reading

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