Take a Step into Pylira

In a world of magic and betrayal, one can only expect more.

The lands were in turmoil. Perpetual war pushed people to flee. Five men and their families crossed the land, and eventually fled to the open sea. When they reached a new continent, a new land was born... Pylira. A new land with old possibilities. The climate is ever changing. It’s people forever at peace. Until one thinks he should be set higher than the rest.

They should have known nothing lasts forever. Pylira flourished, but when war came, it changed the people, but more, it changed the land. The four realms: Corinthia, known for its fishermen, lay in the south-east; Regalis, which supplied dairy to the lands, lay in the north-east; Largania, known for its production of steel is north-west; Ormshire, is known for its crops of wheat, rice, soybeans and corn. It lays in the south-western corner of the realm. In the center of it all is the King and Queen in Hearthstone Palace. Deep beneath the keep, a bright red light illuminates the hills around the palace. The power source of the land.

The four realms worked together harmoniously without disruption for nearly thirty years. It was hard for any to believe when the most trusted of the realms turned against the King. A curse was enacted on him for his treachery, but he did not suffer nearly as much as the people of all the realms.

The lands became a barren waste. Bark of the trees dried, leaves wilted and fell. Yellow and brown replaced the vibrant colors that once flourished. Lakes and streams held nothing more than a trickle of life. Only enough to keep the earth below soft and pliable. Even the clouds changed. Their ominous colors remained forevermore, but the threat of rain never came.

Some fled, in search of a new land. Others vowed to see the curse through, and help reanimate the realms. Most moved to Corinthia. Lord Cantothos served his king, allowing safe passage from his realm into the heart of Hearthstone. Others remained where they were. Keeping to the live they had worked so hard for. To make certain the land could be as it once was.

Those who were in Ormshire at the time of the curse, held a different fate. The once thriving realm was desecrated to a land of filth, poverty and misery. The rich soil that once profited, was now nothing more than quick sand. An endless pit into the depths of the ruin that has become a fallen realm. It’s lord, a self-proclaimed King is entrapped in the body of a great beast. When he moves, stone breaks loose of the castle walls. Fire overwhelms the great throne room with his every breath. Spike holes remain in the wood beams at his head. Whether from his head or his tail, no one knows.

This is the life of the world. It may crumble with no hope of resurrection, or be restored to its former glory. Telling which, would ruin the surprise.

The Beast Within

Burning Willow Press, LLC

March 4, 2017

The original post can be found here. This was a guest spot for M. A. Ray, be shure to check out her blog.

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