Winter has finally come

I'm sitting here all bundled up in my big thick socks and fleece pajamas, simply because I have nothing that's warmer. It seems winter has finally reared its ugly head in the Capital district of upstate NY, and I'm just hoping it's about as mild as it was last year.

I often sit and wonder about why the snow seems to come in spurts lately. When I was a child we had feet of snow from December first till almost the middle of March. I am remembering this correctly, because I also wished I was born in a warm month so I could have a pool party.

These last few years have been really cold, but nothing much in the way of snow. So while I ignore the winter weather outside, I'm sitting here writing blog posts and adding a few thousand words to a manuscript.

My mind was dead set on working on Collision of Fate, so that's what I did. Now I find that the characters in my head are vying for equal time, so I've just opened up Skylar Ryan. However, I don't feel much in the way of that one being done today, and fear I will yet again put off edits on Alara's Curse. Dagnabbit!!

I do have it in my journal to complete those edits this weekend. So it should be printed and ready for media mail next Friday (Friday being the only day I can make it to the post office).

Ok, well that's about as much randomness for me today. I'm going to go make a fresh cup of coffee and let the voices in my head take over for a spell.

~Happy Reading! :)

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