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I've recently started a bullet journal. Inside this magic thing that keeps me organized, it has a place for "Blog Ideas." Wouldn't you know I've ignored this page for a few weeks. Pretty much since I wrote it in there. As many of you know, I am not a fan of the blog. I usually don't read them, because they tend to be drawn out and long winded. So, I enjoy writing them less. Unless it's a topic I can get into....for either the reading or the writing. I doubt very much that I'm expert enough to broach any topic of interest, except for maybe the thing I happen to know more about than anyone else... My characters. My worlds, and my magic system. So, without further ado... I introduce you to Renella Pyliro. With the release date for The Beast Within being in just a little over a month, what better way to get you all introduced to my friends.

Renee Foresse AKA Renella Pyliro

Age: 17 Hair: Fire red ringlets Eyes: Emerald green Renee, a seventeen-year-old girl, has been slaying monsters since she was fifteen.

One night, as she was climbing out of Renee's messy closet, Renee's mother, Karen toppled over a pile of shoes and woke her from a dream. So, when her mother decapitated a giant beast with horns and fangs she thought she was still sleeping. When Karen tried to explain things again to her daughter the next morning, Renee became upset. She thought her mother was playing a trick on her. She'd always been made fun of by her cocky older brother, Xander for dreaming of fairy tales and a magic world. What she didn't realize was now that she was fifteen the monsters were able to sense her. They had spent a century looking for her and would stop at nothing to end her. A mietitore (reaper) sniffed her out as she stomped off to school. Though, Renee never knew he was there until she turned around at the last moment when her mother sliced the beast's head free of its body and it shrunk down on itself in a green light. Karen pulled a small rectangular box from her bag and opened the lid, the green light was drawn into it and the lid closed. They traveled through a door in their house known as the gateway to the tra monde, the space between two worlds. The one they lived in and the one they were from, but Karen couldn't tell her about that. Renee had to learn about it all on her own. When the passage between the worlds is closed, the magic from the other side is cut off, allowing the mietitore to resume their former forms, as human males. As Renee and her family meet Tyson Cole, they realize something even more disturbing than Ty being stuck in their world. Karen is stuck on the other side. Renee risks everything to find her mother, discover her former self, and connect the dots to a century old curse that will leave her and the people of Cherry Valley free to go home. The question then, where lies the beast?

The Beast Within

Burning Willow Press, LLC

March 4, 2017

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