Welcome Fall...

Welcome back to the chilly breeze and comfortable sweaters. Autumn is upon us, and what's better than hot cocoa and a fire?

My family and I spent most of the summer at camp. If you've been following me on my social media you would have seen the many pictures I posted. I really enjoy pictures. I also really enjoy sharing them. When I open facebook each morning and am welcomed with a picture I posted several years ago...well, my eyes swell up a bit. More so if it's a picture of my kids. My oldest graduated high school in June, and is now taking college courses for Diesel Mechanic. I have a senior again this year, a sophomore and my daughter is in 7th grade. At least she won't make me endure her growing up and graduating for quite some time yet.

So, as everyone know I was published in June as well. The first book in The Crawford Witch Chronicles: Immortal Slumber. Book two: Power Surge has gone through my BETA reader, and is currently with my editor. Last we spoke, she was starting the second round of edits and we have a deadline set for October 31st. I am currently working on book three: Collision of Fate.

For those who don't know:

Immortal Slumber starts on Elyse Crawford's eighteenth birthday. She's followed by a great storm, which seems to only have eyes for her. Through the power of the storm her powers are given to her. As expected, finding out she has magical powers is a shock. However, finding out she is the descendant of two very powerful wiccan lines is even harder to deal with.

Elyse find out her adoption when she was a year old was under more suspicious circumstances, than her parents dying in a car accident. Unbeknownst to the human, Elyse's parents were trapped in an alternate plane parallel to the real one. With the help of her lifelong friends, and coven, she works toward accepting her status as High Priestess and freeing her parents from a time loop. All while dodging attacks from an unsuspecting source.

Power Surge - After completing the Blood Rites Ritual, and gaining her powers from the Crawford and Sigmis lines, Elyse must figure out how to free her parents. With the power coursing through her, she finds it difficult to control her emotions and her magic. When her sister, Michelle tags along to the house in Dublin, things get extra complicated.

More enemies reveal themselves, and Sabina is even more relentless in her pursuit of Elyse, but for what? Elyse already has her family's powers. So Sabina must be after something else.

Elyse fights to keep her friends and family safe, from Sabina and from herself.

When Elyse frees her parents, she given more questions that need answering...all of which involve the Immortal Witch, Seraphina Crawford.

Immortal Slumber is availible on Amazon.com and BarnsandNoble.com


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