Many Thanks...

Not that I haven't mentioned it enough, but my book is being released this month!! I am beyond excited. As it goes through BETA readers, I have gotten some great feedback. I hope everyone who reads it, enjoys it just as much. I know I can't hope for everyone to like it.

I have to say a huge Thank You to my publishers at The Dragon's Rocketship Publishing, LLC for taking a chance on my story and encouraging me through every step. Nikki has become a great idea bouncer as well. She is amazing!

As well, I'd like to thank my editor. She is equally amazing. Never once, did she give me grief about my misuse of words or my flamboyancy. lol She walked me through the editing process and made it as easy as possible to complete.

Of course I have to give a big shout out to my other publishers at Burning Willow Press, LLC. Not only are they supportive of me publishing with another company, but they have been just as supportive with this launch as I know they will be with the launch of The Beast Within, which is slated for release in March 2017, with them.

I attribute much of the success of my writing to my husband for pushing me to 'get shit done.' Also to the vast amount of authors I have had the pleasure of conversing with in the virtual world. I wish I could name you all, but there are so many of you that have encouraged me through the many sprints, WIP posts and whatnot... So to everyone at TDR: Speed Dragons, Attic, Determined and so on...Thank You!

I so look forward to continuing my writing. I am 100% dedicated to it. I know that it will never be a wealthy experience, and that's fine by me, because I'll be wealthy in the knowledge that other people are reading and enjoying what I put out there.

But we all know...haters gonna hate. I actually hope to have at least two lol :)

As always.....

~Happy Reading!

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