So many things I want to do....

While I'm extremely impressed with Immortal Slumber, and I was immersed with getting book two done, I've found other projects that I want to do.

Not really knowing how the world of writing goes, or what the 'norm' of writing is....I wonder is it ok to do two big projects, or more, all at once?

While my publisher and I have decided on a deadline for book two, and it's nearing 60K right now, I'm worried I'm just spreading myself a bit too thinly.

Do readers normally wait just on one series as it comes out? Do readers really care if the author has a BA in Creative Writing?

Wait...why did I ask that? Oh, I almost forgot. I just enrolled in classes. I want to put out the best I can for my readers. I realize at this point that's about two handfuls, but even if it were 1, I'd want what you are reading to be the best I can do.

So I guess the question still remains. Should I wait to start a new series. I have this awesome story, and I'm afraid I'll loose it.

Or maybe I'll play with it if I have any spare time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm goin fishin. :)

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