Fantasy Re-Imagined

At first I thought this was gonna be another post about my current life issues, but then as I looked at the image here I had another idea.

I've always said that authors, and Hollywood had started re-writing, and re-releasing stories of the past because they have all run out of great ideas.

Mostly I think that is still true. More importantly I think it's because nobody is willing to look "outside the box" anymore. Looking at a simple back drop image I use for photo shoots had caused me to take the proverbial box and throw it away. I started writing my first series because of a dream. That dream is written out - in full - in chapter one of the Beast Within. My entire 5 book series is based on that one chapter, but looking outside of that scene throughout the last year I've managed to come up with an entire story that nobody has ever come up with.

Then I started to see similar titles for my book, depicting the ever-loving Beauty and the Beast. I even did a blog post on it assuring everyone that my story is not based on the classic at all. However, after much thought and internal analyzation I've come to this conclusion:

My story is similar to the loving classic Beauty and the Beast.

My Belle (Renella) is a magical princess.

My Beast (Tyson) is magical and by extension of his father...cursed.

Also, so what...

There is nothing wrong with taking a story and doing what you think will make it greater. My story is really nothing like Beauty and the Beast, but it may be considered similar to some. I don't have a problem with that anymore. That's what the world needs...a new spin on things. Without change, there can not be growth, and without growth...we'd be stuck in monotony.

The best stories are derived from a story we once heard, read or watched and made better in our own way. That is how the entertainment of our world will continue to grow.

I may not always write a great story, or even good, but I'm ok with that...because if those of us with the passion to write, don't simply because they are afraid of failure...then the only consequence will be that person(s) wont know whether or not they have a great story buried deep inside them.

I've recently read authors that I found to have written a first book that I didn't much care for, but as they went, the story and writing improved.

So, doesn't that go with the old saying, "practice makes perfect"? And if writing improves over time, then why can't the old stories be improved?

So whether your working off an original idea, or get inspired by something you've heard makes a new story with a new vision behind it.

As always....

~Happy Reading/writing :)

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