Current and Future Titles

The Beast Within Series: The Beast Within The Curse of Ormshire

Maga's a Beast The Passing of Pylira Of Fire and Light

The Beast Within Series is under the tutelage of Burning Willow Press, LLC. and the amazing Kindra Sowder. Book one is scheduled for release in March 2017.

The Luce Trilogy: Renal, Queen of the Fae Aurora's Light The Rise of Heartstone

The Crawford Witch Chronicles: Immortal Slumber Power Surge Collision of Fates The Covenant

The Blood Rite Trilogy:(prequel) Blood Rites Turning the Stone The Fate's Seal

Two series and one trilogy has been born from Immortal Slumber, with the helpful ear and patient mind of my publisher for these books..Nikki Yager of TDR Publishing.

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