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It’s Saturday, and I’m at my computer till I can’t support the weight of my head. This pain is no joke, but I am determined not to let it interfere too much in my daily routine…even though I was a big baby at the day job this week, and slept a lot when I got home. I don’t think my kids can remember a time in their lives when mom wasn’t in pain, or didn’t feel well.

I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life. I can say it was a mixture of being called over weight when I really wasn’t, or the fact that I was fed very well growing up. When your Italian, a little something is never very little.

Really it was the fact that I enjoyed, for the most part, being the invisible one. I enjoyed not having to worry about rejection from the boys in school, and frankly I had some truly amazing friends that never brought up my weight. Of course, as I said, I thought I was fat when I guess I really wasn’t… until I was.

After making sure I would never be over weight again, I am now finding out that my lack of being healthy has nearly been my demise. Ok…so it’s not that bad, but if you talk to my husband I am one false move of becoming paralyzed for the rest of my life. He’s one of those people that makes an f-10 earthquake out of the garbage truck passing by the house.

I have found out that I have a bulging disc in my cervical spine. Although not life threatening, it is very uncomfortable. I’m in moderate pain everyday, but on the 27th I will be having surgery to correct the issue.

Therefore, to my few readers that look forward to this post each week, I have to inform you that I may have to skip a few. I’m sure I’ll be able to log onto my Facebook page from the hospital to say ‘all is well’, but the blog will have to wait till I can at least sit up without pain meds. I have promised my husband and children that I will be taking it easy for the first two weeks. If I am doing well then maybe I’ll get back here sooner, but I’m not pushing anything. Well…except maybe to finish this 1st book in the new series before surgery. I have got to get going then. :)

~Happy Reading

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