Happy New Year

2015 has been filled with such a whirlwind of events. Many times I had to pinch myself to believe it was all true, and that I wouldn’t be waking to find they were still dreams, for which I still have to strive for. I have an incredible support system in my family and friends, but most of all my husband and my children. My husband even bought me a new computer when the old one was no longer up to snuff. I had sat on The Beast Within for three years, and finally when it came time to put it to paper, my husband was there to encourage me to get it done.

After a friend of mine (my imaginary friend) invited me into a spectacular group of writers, TDR, I gained even more friends who were there to push me along. I may have only self published this year, and only 2 of the 3 books I have completed, but I have also found a home with a publisher, thanks to TDR and the amazing support there. I submitted my manuscript on a whim, and to my surprise am now looking forward to the release of book one. Thank you Burning Willow Press, for taking a chance on me and my stories…I hope you don’t regret it in the long run…lol

2016 is going to bring many more titles from me, I promise. I am currently working on a new series, which has yet to be named. So far it’s gained a lot of interest of the few people who have seen it as I’ve been writing it. I will share more about it in the next few weeks (with any luck it will have a name soon). Maybe BWP will pick that one up too *fingers crossed* Until next year my friendly readers. Enjoy your night, be safe and as always…

~Happy Reading



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