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In the past I have done graphics, but nothing like this before.

My clients have given me the right to be artistic while pushing my abilities. I'm proud of every bit of work I do, and know that self-pub/Indie publishing does not pay close to what we would have once dreamt it would. Most of the time we, as authors, spend the little bit of money we make off our books to pay for promotional material, graphics, editing, and formatting. 


I keep that in mind when pricing my work. Paying less for a cover or promotional banner does not mean I will give less effort. I just like to stay busy, and the more I use my hands, hopefully, the longer I can hit keys on a keyboard.

To order your own cover or formatting, just fill out the form Here.


$85.00  includes a PDF, .mobi and Kindle format for upload to Amazon.


To purchase a pre-made, make the payment listed under the cover HERE, and put in the subject line the name of the pre-made you are purchasing. Thank you

Up to three revisions can be made to suit your needs. Any more than that requires a fee.

Woken From Slumber promo.jpg
002 P.jpg

01- Woken from Slumber

$35.00 for full wrap and ebook

Suitable for all genres

02- An Unexpected Affair

$35.00 for full wrap and ebook

Suitable for all genres

Hidden Temptation.jpg

64- Hidden Temptation

$55.00 for full wrap and ebook

New Pre-made covers coming soon!!!


$40.00 ebook, $80.00 Full wrap​ - with ebook (includes properly sized PDF for print)

I use Adobe Stock for cover images. Feel free to pick an image and Email the link to me.


$45 per logo per person. / © 2015 - 2019 by SL PERRINE.