I started writing when I was a teenager. I just picked the topic I had at the time, which felt real…. It would have been a boring read, The story of my life. Could you imagine? A 12-year-old with anger issues writing about life. Yeah, I wrote in that for a while and then just threw it in the fire pit at camp one night after a hand cramp had me in tears. I started a few short stories as I grew, little things I used for writing assignments (received some nice grades for them too).


I didn’t really pick up on writing until my first marriage ended. My current husband had convinced me that if writing was what I wanted to do with life, I should do it. However, those bills don’t pay themselves. So three years have lapsed since the completion of my first book and my now second book. For some reason, I thought I would be a nurse. I have no problem with the gory stuff (note to self, try a hand a gore after current series is completed), and I needed something that would help my husband with household expenses, like food. I have three teenage boys now, that’s a large grocery bill…lol. So when my first book, Open at Sunrise was completed, I didn’t really promote it. I tried to publish by traditional means, but I didn’t really know how. To me, that book was a no go. I was newly in love and I am a HUGE Nora Roberts fan, she’s really the only romance author I’ve read. So I tried my hand at romance, with a bit of mystery. I’m not a fan of the book myself, go figure, but I did go as far as to self-publish it on Amazon.com and lulu.com.


I woke one night, about two years ago at three in the morning. I had the strangest dream, and it was so vivid. I sat upright in bed, turned on the lights and grabbed my daughter's marble composition book off my nightstand. I remember this because I wrote down my entire dream starting in the back of the notebook and upside down. It was the strangest thing. That dream stuck with me. No, I have not had the dream again, but yes it is the opening chapter of The Beast Within. That one chapter gave me an idea for an entire series of books. I’m currently undecided how much material I have, or how far this series will go. I just hope I can spread the word about it because I think others should get a chance to hear the story. I sure do enjoy writing about it.


So, in a nutshell, that’s the story of me. I currently reside in central New York, my husband is a mechanic, and my four kids are deciding on career goals for themselves (my oldest is a high school senior this coming September…ewww). Well, thanks for stopping by ` Happy reading!!




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